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sampling department

Sampling and New Developments

Our skilled sewing machine operators ensure the garments we stitch are as per buyers specifications. Our team is capable to ensure a timely execution of each buyers sampling program. Our Pattern-makers, Fashion Designers, Graphic Designers, Textile Designers, PD Merchants, sampling in-charge and sourcing team ensure the product is designed and developed as per buyers specifications and inspirations.

Computer Embroidery Department

Computerised & Hand Embroidery 

We have our dedicated Computerised Embroidery Department, which consists of Japanese Imported Barudan machines. These machines enable us to provide our clients with high quality embroideries, and quick production turn around. We have talented hand embroidery workers associated with our factory who work on a per piece rate within our factory for orders that require additional manpower to be outsourced.

Fabrics & Printing Techniques

We use Mill Made Wovens fabrics which  include cottons, rayons, linen fabric and blends; from lightweight tops fabric to heavy bottoms fabric. We have vendors who have state of the art facilities which can produce a variety of finishes including standard finishes like mercerization, brushing and peaching, to highly specialized proprietary finishes such as easy-care, wrinkle-free, and silky finish. Our Printing techniques include, Digital Print, Rotary Print, Screen Print, Block Print and Discharge Prints. We have in-house print designing capabilities and a team of professionals who ensure our fabrics are printed to the highest quality standards.

Fabric Rack

Production Capabilities

We are capable to manufacture a variety of products which consist of Woven and Jersey fabrics. With majority of the processes being done in house, we also have a great team of associated fabricators who assist us for more specialised works. We have a great team of Production Managers, Skilled Tailors, Pre Production and Post Production QC Checkpoints, Dedicated Garment Finishing and Fabric Cutting Departments, Seperate Greige and Processed Fabric Storage areas, Fabric Checkers and a variety of machineries and softwares are used which assist us to manufacture high quality garments for our customers. 

Production Cutting

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