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The fashion industry continues to be a source of exploitation for millions of workers worldwide.


These practices include, low wages such that people cannot support their families, child labour and slavery, and unsafe working conditions.

We at Sahir Impex have invested in being transparent about our manufacturing processes, so we are accountable to our customers, community, and workers, to ensure our high ethical standards are upheld.


We are proud of our Factory and welcome everyone and all to view the standards we maintain at our factory.

We pay our staff and workers wages on a timely manner every month, and pay wages as per the Labor Act and Factories Act provided by the Government of India.



Several different religions are practised in India, and their collective influence on the country's political, economic and cultural life is significant.


At Sahir Impex, in our factory there are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and Sikh Staff, however the majority are followers of Hinduism. Our Factory recognises all religious holidays, and provide the staff days off or holidays where appropriate based on the holidays which are declared as registered holiday by the Government of India.


We ensure the factory is blessed and traditional ceremonies which are performed each morning or evening to bless the workers and the factory.

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